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Greg’s Life With Independent Facilitation

May 2nd, 2017

This #WeBelongWR story and video comes to us from Bridges to Belonging.

“I like doing my job, I’m really proud of the work I do there. But I wasn’t feeling connected to my community. With the help of my facilitator, now I’m doing more things in my community.”

Greg is a charming young man who participated in the Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project. Dedicated and hard-working, he has worked on a farm for four years. Through work with his Independent Facilitator, he has developed a strong network around him who supports him in his community life – including exercising, attending events and sports games, joining a social club, and of course, Timmies!

Greg is an asset to his community and a friend to all those who meet him. Thanks for sharing your story, Greg, and thanks to Commons Studio for capturing it!

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