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Mackenzie’s Talent Reel

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This #WeBelongWR share comes to us from Bridges to Belonging care of Mackenzie, Anthony, and Fitsum!

“You make me, a SUPERSTAR!”

MacKenzie dreams of performing for a living. She has been a dancer since she was three years old! MacKenzie attends St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School and will be graduating in June, 2018. She hopes to attend Conestoga College’s CICE Program. In the meantime MacKenzie is connecting with talent agencies and agents. Here is the latest MacKenzie talent reel!

This video is a combination of different places MacKenzie has performed. It was edited by another Bridges to Belonging Participant, Anthony Tamming. He and BtoBe volunteer Fitsum have been working on filming and editing skills.

April 13th, 2017

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