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For the month of October, the Waterloo Region Down Syndrome Society has been sharing pictures and quotes with our community as part of their campaign. We connected with Kate Herron and Colin Domm to hear more about the campaign and to share their initiative with #WeBelongWR. You can see all of the posts on the WRDSS Facebook page, and you can also buy their 2017 calendar here.

Colin Domm:

14563515_1322828604402609_6680701174596566851_n“This campaign is called ‘See Me’. What do you want people to know about you? 
“I am a young man who loves God and he loves me.”
What do you give to your family, friends, and community? 
“I am a good friend. I am a good helper.”
What are you good at? 
“I like to play hockey, soccer, baseball. I like music and playing the drums. I like computers and movies.”
When I say the word belonging, what does it mean to you? 
“Family. Belonging is having lots of friends.”

Kate Herron:

Where did the idea for the See Me campaign come from?
“It came from a good friend of mine, Hilary Gauld-Camilleri, who was the photographer for the calendar. I approached her about shooting our calendar and she decided she wanted to help us use her social media presence to make a big lead up to the calendar release and Down Syndrome awareness week.
14906833_1350866651598804_4853233996158177469_nWe discussed that we wanted to show the world that our friends and family with Down syndrome deserve to be seen for more than what they physically appear, more than their diagnosis. They have the same hopes, dreams and interests that every other person has and they should be seen for the people they are.”
What is WRDSS trying to achieve with the See Me campaign?
“We are as always trying to achieve awareness and show the world that individuals with Down syndrome are more alike their peers than different.”
What have you learned along the way?
“I have learned that despite the negative things that can and do happen in the world, people are kind and they are embracing and learning to look beyond physical appearances and seeing these individuals with Down syndrome as people with hopes and dreams and people that contribute in a meaningful way to society. I think we’ve truly opened peoples eyes to a whole new world!”
What do you hope people take from this campaign?
“I hope people share the magic that exists in the hearts of these individuals and give them opportunities in future to be included and share in the same experiences as everyone else.”


November 1st, 2016

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