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The Wonderland Bond


This #WeBelongWR story comes to us from KW Habilitation, and shows the way that shared interests can be the spark to create meaningful relationships.

Rob has developed a unique and lasting friendship with Bryce. Although it has always been known that Bryce is a thrill seeker, Rob has never indicated that he was interested in going on rides. Rob has always mentioned going to Wonderland every time he saw the commercial on TV but has always declined to go when offered the opportunity.

Support staff mentioned that Bryce goes every year to Wonderland and even gets a season’s pass. Although the two men have both attended ADS for many years, they had never developed a friendship. Once Rob found out that he could go to Wonderland with Bryce, Rob was more than thrilled at the idea of going.

And so the friendship began.

Now, a few times throughout the summer, the two men get together and enjoy a day at Wonderland. The staff at Connelly were not only surprised but thrilled to see how excited Rob was to go as he has never been on any rides before.

Rob has now gone to Wonderland for the last two summers with Bryce. Staff who have gone along to support Rob have mentioned that he loves to be up high, go on all the rides and particularly loves the rollercoasters. Who knew, as even Rob’s mother was surprised to hear this as she said he never would go on the rides when he was a child.

Rob now looks forward to his summers and hanging out with Bryce as they share the same interest in Wonderland.  Rob mentions “I go with Bryce” now every time the commercial for Canada’s Wonderland comes on the TV.



October 17th, 2016

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