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Cool or Not Cool? I Was On the Air

Recording the station identifcation


This story about Chris’s awesome experience at CKWR was shared with us by KW Habilitation. Thanks KWHab, and shoutout to Chris for rocking the radio!

“Cool or not cool?” was the constant expression used by Chris MacTavish after his visit to CKWR 98.5 FM on a sunny morning in November 2015. Chris had an equally shiny smile. Everyone who knows Chris understands that he is a man that knows his music and loves radio, so this visit was a dream come true.

Upon arrival, Chris was given a tour Chris at the controlsthrough the installations and received a station’s mug and t-shirt. He also observed how the “magic” happens in the studio. The glow on his face was evident as he exclaimed “Now I’m at the controls, I’m doing radio.” Cool or not cool?

The visit was far away from ending, as there was more fun in the plan for Chris. Next it was time to record his voice to be used for a program and station identification. Only a couple of takes and it was ready to go. Chris was a true professional. He did such a great job; so well, in fact, that his voice will be used regularly for station identification! Again, his smile filled the station, along with his sense of pride as Chris exclaimed, “Cool or not cool?”

Following his station visit, Chris learning the ropesanother surprise was in store for Chris. On November 26, 2015, Chris along with all his friends at ADS were listening to the Morning Show on CKWR 98.5. Chris was introduced on air and his love of music and passion for radio was highlighted, along with an Elton John song – one of his requested favourites. At the end of the song, Chris’ recorded voice gave the station identification. He was so proud, saying to us, “Cool or not cool?” We all responded with a resounding “Definitely cool!!!”

The man who knows his music and loves radio had an extraordinary visit to the studios of Canada’s First Community Radio 98.5 FM, CKWR, a dream come true and a memory he will forever cherish.

chris with the station van

June 29th, 2016

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